Weekly Summary

CC Paul Reynolds

CC Paul Reynolds

This week has been an interesting and fun week of photography.  Taking pictures and analyzing photos and images has been thought provoking and brought out some more of my creative side.  I’ve always enjoying picture taking and trying to capture the right moments, saving the emotion and memory of people and things in a photo.

Daily Shoots:

  1. Daily Shoot: Something’s Shadow
  2. Daily Shoot: Extreme Close Up
  3. Daily Shoot: Self-Portrait
  4. Daily Shoot: Something Ugly Turned Beautiful
  5. Daily Shoot: Freedom
  6. Daily Shoot: Size Contrast
  7. Daily Shoot: Portrait

I also explored the idea of Brightness and Contrast with a photo I took from the Georgia Dome last weekend while I attended the NCAA Basketball Final Four.  As I talk about in the post, having fans of four different universities lead to an immense array of color in one place at the same moment in time.  I wanted to fiddle with the Brightness and Contrast of the photo in order to enhance the color differences.  You can see my pictures here: Brightness and Contrast.

I also watched a Masters of Photography documentary on Diane Arbus.  I thought the video was very interesting but also kind of strange.  I liked some of the photos and ideas that were expressed in Diane’s photography but some of the themes she explored were quite odd.  You can read my thoughts and find a link to the video here: Response: Masters of Photography


Weekly Summary – February 10th


CC Mike Licht

This week we read some very interesting articles relating to movies, television, and the artistic and creative approaches to film and video.  I responded to Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie and Kelefa Sanneh’s The Reality Principle.  I really enjoyed Kelefa Sanneh’s article because it really made me think about reality television and how it has truly taken over today’s viewing audience. I am not the biggest fan of reality tv, but there are shows I do enjoy watching that are supposed to be “unscripted”.  Me and few other students had a great in class discussion about the article and what we think reality television is and why people are so captivated by it.  Hopefully a true definition of reality tv is created so we can have a standard to judge by.

Even though we read the article last week, we also explored the idea of “Camp”, which at first I was very confused about.  However, with the help of other blog posts and a great in class discussion about the meaning of “Camp”, I came away with a better understanding of the term and its relation to video.

I also did the 3 video daily creates for this week.

My Favorite Word in Another Language: Daily Create – Feb. 9th

Rating My Day: Daily Create – February 7th

A Favorite Joke: Daily Create – February 6th

I am really enjoying the video section and being able to utilize and play around with iMovie while creating the Daily Creates and while working on my larger videos.  I am off to go do some work on one of my longer videos; I think it will be a music video of sorts.

Weekly Summary

Sorry for getting this up a little late but here is a summary of what I did last week.  The daily creates were fun this week and involved FOOD, so I enjoyed participating in both.  The first was a picture that described my favorite breakfast drink, chocolate milk.  Then, after preparing a nice omelette for breakfast on Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised that the daily create involved detailing the breakfast that you had made that morning.  I offered my rendition of my morning specialty for all to read and salivate over.

I also read some very interesting, engaging and thought provoking articles.  As social media becomes more and more of a tool and resources for information and communication, companies and executives must begin to embrace and utilize social media.  I found “What’s Your Social Media Strategy” straightforward but too simple for my pallatte, since it seemed more geared to older, business personas who have little experience in social media.  I expressed my ideas here.  Finally, I monitored the Michigan Radio website and read and listened to the articles and podcasts that this NPR affiliate site creates on a daily basis.  The structure and format of the site is very easy to use and provides a in depth resource for obtaining good, local news about Michigan.  

I am really looking forward to the upcoming video unit. I can’t wait to create some awesome films and videos!!

Weekly Summary

The first few weeks of this course have been great so far and I am really excited about the direction of this course.  Creating my own blog, utilizing websites such as twitter, youtube, soundcloud and other social meda sites have all been successful so far.  I have learned a great deal so far, about such things as Web 2.0, creating and reading content on the Internet, and how regulation, piracy and downloading have become controversial topics about today’s technologically advanced society.

I have read and watched some interesting and thought provoking articles and videos.  I wrote responses to articles about Web 2.0 and Larry Lessig’s TED Talk video about the current state of the Internet and the problems of current regulation and law that need to change with the evolution of technology.  I also watched some videos by professor Michael Wesch.  I responded to one about his take on student interaction with the Internet in and out of the classroom.

We have also begun interacting with The Daily Create website and participating in soe of the daily assignments.  I did the projects on January 14th, 16th and 19th. I also created a Youtube video introducing myself to the class.