Go Blue Gif

Go Blue Gif

To create this Gif, I used Photoshop.  I began with a blank slate and used the Custom Shape tool to create the arrows in each corner.  I then duplicated the layers, moved the arrows around so they would point towards the center of the image.  I did this twice.  For each layer, I used a layer color overlay, two were white and one navy blue.  I added an icon of the Michigan logo in the center. Originally I wanted to just make criss crossing arrows from corner to corner but I couldn’t line everything up correctly so I switched ideas.

To make the Gif, I followed this pretty straight forward youtube tutorial:

In this video you open the Timeline tool via Window>Timeline.  Then I dragged all of the separate layers onto one single layer leaving the background yellow color on its own layer.  Once done, I went to File>Save for Web, which is were the Gif format is located.  I used the Preview button in the bottom left to play around with the frame length until I was satisfied.

Response to Jon

All I can say is that I’m confused.  I really had no idea what was going on from start to finish.  I knew right off the bat that these people were living in some sort of facility, whether it was an insane asylum, rehab center, test center or some sort of other observation place. The language was very odd and weirdly structured, especially since a lot of things were called by the company that made them.  Some sort of hierarchy existed since people were also referred to through the titles they had at the facility.  

The beginning was strange, since I was not expecting the story to start with such a sexual tone.  I was very confused with what was going on with the baby also.  A lot of the story made some sense, but I felt like I was putting together a very difficult puzzle the entire time. I was glad to see them leave the facility at the end. I’m not sure why, but it seemed like they attained some sort of freedom by doing so.

Lastly, I’m very confused about how the story related to anything we are doing in class. I find that there was a ton of imagery because of the nature of the text.  With all the descriptions of various items, as well as the place they lived, I got this Sci-Fi feel, as if they were living in some futuristic facility.  But there were also so many references to things I knew of and household items that I use in everyday life so I could imagine a lot of things that were going on during the story.