Weekly Summary

CC Paul Reynolds

CC Paul Reynolds

This week has been an interesting and fun week of photography.  Taking pictures and analyzing photos and images has been thought provoking and brought out some more of my creative side.  I’ve always enjoying picture taking and trying to capture the right moments, saving the emotion and memory of people and things in a photo.

Daily Shoots:

  1. Daily Shoot: Something’s Shadow
  2. Daily Shoot: Extreme Close Up
  3. Daily Shoot: Self-Portrait
  4. Daily Shoot: Something Ugly Turned Beautiful
  5. Daily Shoot: Freedom
  6. Daily Shoot: Size Contrast
  7. Daily Shoot: Portrait

I also explored the idea of Brightness and Contrast with a photo I took from the Georgia Dome last weekend while I attended the NCAA Basketball Final Four.  As I talk about in the post, having fans of four different universities lead to an immense array of color in one place at the same moment in time.  I wanted to fiddle with the Brightness and Contrast of the photo in order to enhance the color differences.  You can see my pictures here: Brightness and Contrast.

I also watched a Masters of Photography documentary on Diane Arbus.  I thought the video was very interesting but also kind of strange.  I liked some of the photos and ideas that were expressed in Diane’s photography but some of the themes she explored were quite odd.  You can read my thoughts and find a link to the video here: Response: Masters of Photography