Weekly Summary

Design has gotten off to a great start.  I was able to brush off some of my old Photoshop skills and have some fun as well. I’m really looking forward to doing all the daily creates and designing some unique things.

As far as my creates, here is what I made:

In honor of our Final Four win, I made a Michigan Basketball inspired image: MICHIGAN!!! This was my own design.

For the daily creates:

  1. I did a minimalist travel poster for Westeros, one of the Seven Kingdoms in the Game of Thrones TV series.
  2. I did my own version of a movie poster inspired by Zero Dark ThirtyZero Dark Thirty – My Own Movie Poster
  3. For my color splash, I did an American Flag.

For the poem inspired design, I made this: Laughter and a Flower

For responses, I really enjoyed the readings and going through the Albums without Sounds website. My thoughts on an album I found creative and interesting can be read here. My response to Minimalism and the example I found can be found here



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