the_lion_king___minimalist_poster_by_echoleader-d5o4gwpThe concept of minimalism is very cool.  I think its because of the simplicity of the images that make this form of design so enticing.  Some of the posters I looked at had such little going on that they were somewhat tricky to identify.  I came across a lot of superhero posters, which was fairly unsurprising.  Since these characters have so many weapons, symbols, costumes and what not, they are easily identifiable and easy to turn into minimalism posters.  I tried to find one that didn’t involve a superhero, to see how other types of movies would be transformed into minimalism artwork.  I cam across a poster for The Lion King which really struck me. The clean background of a green landscape and a blue sky with a shining sun and Pride Rock in the distance. Pride Rock is a huge element in the movie, so it is fitting that it is in the poster.  I think the outline of the lion is a neat touch but I think the entire piece would be better suited without it.  I thought it was too overpowering due to its size and location in the middle of the photo.

I thought the ideas of Proximity, Alignment and Contrast really shined through.  The difference in colors, the separation of the symbols and the way the image was structured really seemed to work.


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