Albums Without Sound


Album 322
The Parliament of Dreams – You Can’t Get To Sleep

Scrolling through the Albums Without Sound website I was really intrigued by all of the designs.  Some covers were better than others, but I found them all interesting and cool.  The concept was really neat and I thought the whole idea of a random Album Title, Picture and Band brought some cool pictures and text together.

The one above, Album 322, was one that really caught my eye.  I thought that the album title and the picture tied together really well.  The darkness of the photo with the brightness of the light in the background contrasted really well. I thought the album title “You Can’t Get to Sleep” somehow was captured really well by everything going on in the picture. The black text on the bright light background also played really well tying into the background of the picture.  The Band Name, above the light with the song title, also ties in well due to its orange color.

As far as the image itself, I really like it because of its simplicity.  The darkness and the protruding light that reflects on the ground.  The brick walls on the sides are very subtle but it definitely plays a part in the picture.

When I saw this picture and read the album title, I immediately thought of the late nights when seeing a room in a house completely dark but that little light from a television. I also thought about the single street light on a dark street late at night.  The idea of sleep and darkness with a little light made so much sense, no matter how random it was.


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