Weekly Summary

It’s one of those transition weeks, the segway from the Audio section to Design. Coming into audio I wasn’t really sure what to think.  After our first few class discussions about our lack of listening to radio and audio pieces, I didn’t know how well the section would go and even how much I would enjoy it, especially after the video section which I loved.  I think it was a slow, gradual transition into audio and by the end I was enjoying playing around in Audacity, which was the program I primarily used. Doing some of the audio daily creates was helpful to get more familiar with the program as well as doing recordings and listening to myself talk.  That was something I always found awkward, listening to myself speak.  I will say I wasn’t a fan of the “Relationship” theme for our class Radio Show but I think everyone’s came out really well.  You can listen to my piece on long distance relationships here: Radio Show: Long Distance Relationships.  I had fun doing the recording and producing of the piece.  I think it was also very beneficial to do the in class workshop.  I liked my second audio piece much better and enjoyed doing it more.  It was an idea I had more freedom in coming up with and was able to incorporate a lot more production into it as far as other audio elements like music and interviews.  At that point I was also much more comfortable with Audacity and using some of the effects and tools of the program. This second piece was about music and what college kids listen to and the lack of an overall popular genre, which wasn’t much of a surprise.  You can listen to it here: The College Music Scene: Audio Piece 2.

Design is going to be a fun section.  I have used Photoshop a whole bunch, I even took a class back in high school about it and doing design with the program.  Doing these first two design creates however was not as easy as I anticipated.  I have never used Gimp before and don’t think I will be using it much from here on out.  It was painful and frustrating to use, making these first two design creates time consuming and difficult.  I plan on using campus computers or Virtual Sites so I can utilize Photoshop from now on.

For the assigned design create, I went outside and took a picture of some street signs, I figured it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing so it qualified as a bad photo.  Then I used some of Brian’s tips to do the rest of the project. You can see the final photo here: Design Daily Create.

For the second create, I did my own play on a NCAA Tournament Bracket.  Mine, however, was all different television and movie cartoon characters and shows.  I went through and inserted different names on an ordinary NCAA tournament bracket I got from the CBS website.  I added some of my own titles and used images of the various television networks that play cartoons and animated shows.  It was very frustrating and difficult, so there was definitely some more things I could have done if Gimp was better to use. You can see my own bracket here: The 2013 Cartoon Tournament.

Lastly, I wrote a response to How Images Think by Ron Burnett which I thought was an interesting and great read.  You can find some of my thoughts here: Response – How Images Think.  

I’m really looking forward to this section of the class!!


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