Response – How Images Think

How Images Think was a very interesting read and provided a unique perspective about how images can, are and should be interpreted.  I found the beginning of Chapter 1, Vantage Point and Image-Worlds very relatable.  The references to the news and technology seemed spot on, especially in relation to everyday life.  If you take a minute to think about what we look at on a daily basis, it’s pretty crazy how much time we look at digital images.  We spend so much time looking at technology squares that portray images and words.  Televisions, Computer Screens, Smartphones, Projector Screens, etc…these are all forms of visuals aids.  

I think the more intriguing and thought provoking parts of the reading were focused on how we look at and think about images.  There are so many ways to visualize things and there can be so many meanings behind these images.  A photo can mean so many different things based what the photo contains.  Pictures can be for records and memory or they could be abstract visuals of thoughts, scenes, or nature, just to name a few intended purposes.

I feel like images and visuals are always better than text, but thats probably because I enjoy that form more.  I guess I enjoy watching and looking rather than reading. 


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