Design Daily Create

Design Daily Create

Stop Sign on a One Way Street

I began with a picture I took outside my house at the end of the street of a Stop Sign and One Way Sign.

I followed Brian’s tutorial to some extent for the rest, since Gimp is a fairly new application to me. Next I used a Gausian Blur to add a blurry feel to the picture. I used the Image>Mode>Grayscale to convert it to a vintage, black and white feel. I then played around with the Brightness and Contrast tools to make the white and black colors stand out more.

As far as text, I used the “A” Text Tool and thought it would be cool to play with the white and black color contrast so I wrote one sentence in white and one in black. I also wanted to play in the text from the signs in the text.


2 thoughts on “Design Daily Create

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  2. It’s a little funny that your stop sign has graffiti on it but I do like your saying and the fact that you switched the text between black and white.

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