The College Music Scene: Audio Piece 2

I wasn’t sure what to really talk about in my second audio piece and then it just kind of hit me.  I began to think about what our class thought radio really was and what we listen to on the radio.  I remembered that first day of the audio section when our class of college students said we mainly listen to radio in order to listen to music.  Most of use didn’t even really listen to traditional radio, we used “Internet Radio“, such as Pandora and Spotify, to stream music.  There were very few people that said they listen to anything but music stations on the radio and it got me thinking.  If all of these college students listened to so much music, what is there music genre of choice.  I began to think of all the different types of music I listen to and realized it would be interesting to briefly talk about my music selection and possibly interview other college kids about their music listening habits. I also saw it as a great opportunity to do what DJ’s do, splice together music. This audio piece would be solely about music so I chose to do a sampling of several of my favorite songs at once, trying to get songs from several different genres to flow together fairly seamlessly, and I think I succeeded. I didn’t just take random songs from the top charts, I used a handful of some of my recent favorites, but since most people my age have a fairly similar taste in music, I’m sure all the songs are familiar.

I began the recording with a music introduction that was fairly slow and steady.  Some people may recognize it as the instrumental from the beginning of Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe. I then recorded a brief standalone audio piece of myself talking for about a minute in regards to my thoughts on the current lack of a single genre popular amongst college kids, and if you think about it, amongst all music listeners.  As the saying goes, “To Each His Own” and in regards to music, everyone is entitled to their favorite genre(s).  I then brought together several clips from some of my recent favorite songs.  In case you weren’t able to identify them all, here is the list:

  1. Levels by Avicii
  2. Gangnam Style by Psy
  3. F**kin’ Problems by A$AP Rocky
  4. I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
  5.  Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia
  6. Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore

I would have liked to do incorporate more songs but I thought that a sampling of six songs that took up about a minutes worth of time was more than enough time.  I think it was sufficient enough to get my message across that like most college kids and music listeners in general, there is no single favorite genre.

I was able to get some input from some friends on what their favorite music genres and songs are.  I thought this was a piece I could incorporate some vox pop elements.  I used my iPhone to ask questions and then edited together the responses I got.  I did one segment with just favorite genre responses and another clip with just favorite song responses.  I edited each in as a separate audacity file and then exported each as an MP3 so that it would be a single clip.  I then added both of them to the overall piece.  That way I had the small vox pop clips compiled into two larger clips which would b more manageable to work with.  I was also out at a friends house when a song came on that several people started singing along to. I thought it was a great way to close out the overall piece.  Below is what my final audacity file looked like.  I had to zoom out really far to capture all of the layers of audio I used.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 12.42.45 PMI really enjoyed doing this piece because I got to tie in some of my favorite music and play around with the fading and transitions between music of very different genres. I got to play around with some more of the effects in Audacity and I felt much more comfortable using the program than I did when I was making the first few drafts of my piece for the Radio Show.


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