Response to “Living with Cancer”

Topics related to sickness and death is always a tough thing to talk about.  I know that when I must face people who have lost loved ones or are dealing with life threatening health issues, I have no idea what to say.  Like the woman in the opening segment said, people don’t really know how to act or what to say, and many times I keep quite in order to avoid saying or doing the wrong thing.  I thought the way the piece began was a great way to emotional attach the listener to the piece, I could hear the emotion and sadness in the woman’s voice.  I thought the story took an interesting and odd turn when they began talking about the background of cancer and the science of the disease.  I didn’t think it played well against the emotional stories at the beginning of the piece and the second story about Karina.  The opening of the audio led me to think the piece would be about how people live with Cancer so I was confused when the piece dove into the science behind it.  

I really liked the segment about Sylvia, the Pianist at the Cancer Center in Detroit.  The use of the background piano music was really great and tied into the story really well.  Her story was also really great, its good to hear when people take such a positive attitude about their illness as well as try to help others through her musical talents.  I wasn’t a fan of the Caren Hawkes story, I found it a little confusing.

I thought all of the personal stories of the audio piece really tied the whole thing together.  I really wasn’t a fan of the snippets of audio that included the doctors and scientists talking science of Cancer, I thought it was unnecessary and almost threw a ratchet into the middle of such an emotional piece.

As far as structure, I thought the background music played in really well and the way the piece was cut up into 3 segments was a good idea.  The stories linked together well and the topics covered various types of stories, even though they all linked back to Cancer. It was a really enjoyable listen.


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