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I found the website to be a really interesting concept.  From the homepage of the website, I really wasn’t sure what the site was all about.  Before I listened or read anything on the site, I visited their About page to see what the idea behind the website really was.  The first think I found was a definition for “Transom” and instantly became more aware of the sites mission. 

A small hinged window above a door, allowing light and ventilation into hallways of older buildings. At magazine and newspaper offices, unsolicited manuscripts were submitted “over the transom.”

I realized the site is a place where people can submit material, whether audio or text, for public radio.  To see how it worked, I followed the link to the Sonic IDs show.  It was a really unique show, being a conglomerate of several people’s ability to engage others in storytelling.  I always thought that in order to get the most out of someone, especially in an audio format, it had to be fairly long.  Thus, listening to 30 to 60 second clips of people talking about one specific thing and getting their feelings, opinion and emotions across so well.  It was eye opening that by getting a great answer to a good question, utilizing the appropriate production tools and effects, audio can be short, sweet and to the point.

I especially likes the Oyster Eater, who spoke about his love for the succulent shellfish.  It was only 30 seconds worth of him speaking, but he seemed to speak about so much in that small chunk of time.  He went from raw to fried oysters and even tied in a totally different food, beef.  He spoke about where he lived and why he traveled to get himself some oysters.  The background noise and other levels of audio greatly enhanced the clip, making it seem more real and authentic.  I think the whole idea of Sonics, which transom defines as “little fragments of life as lived by our neighbors” is a great way to get a broad range of thoughts and ideas from all different people.

I also read “How Radio Producers Can Make the Most of Social Media”. At first I was surprised that it was a text article that did not include any audio, but I realized how valuable all the information in the article is to those who work in the audio and public radio industry.  Social Media is such a new concept that many people really don’t know how to use it properly or appropriately.  To me, a lot of the advice was not new to me, but I could easily see how other people could really find it helpful.  I did think that 10. Unplug was a rather unique one.  Today’s society it so linked to the internet and technology that doing this is a very difficult thing.  I can say it from first hand experience. Over Spring Break I was out of the country in the Dominican Republic with limited access to the internet or my cell phone.  With that said, my mom did demand I turn on international roaming abilities to touch base with her one a day and in case of an emergency.  When we went to another hotel one night where there was free wi-fi, it was like we had never seen the Internet before.  All of my friends and I instantly contacted as many people as we needed to touch base with, used FaceTime on our iPhones, checked news and sports scores online and sorted through the enormous amount of missed emails.  Its truly incredible how hooked we have become on technology.


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