Weekly Summary


CC Ed Yourdon

I will be leaving the country bright and early tomorrow morning for Spring Break.  Headed down to the Dominican Republic to stay for a week in Punta Cana. I’m pretty excited after a long week of 3 exams and lots of work.  Had to do my weekly review a little earlier than Sunday since I won’t have access to the Internet (OH NO!!)

This week was a great full first week of Audio. I think we all realized how little we embrace and listen to radio.  Furthermore, I’m not sure if we all have a common, overarching definition of what radio is.  I enjoyed listening to radio shows.  Radiolab: “Deception” and This American Life: “Valentine’s Day 2013″ were very enjoyable and were the first radio shows/podcasts I have listened to in quite some time.  My thoughts on the Radiolab piece can be found here Deception – Response.

Daily Creates:

Daily Create – Feb. 26th: I did a fun one spelling the word “Create” in a unique way.  I used pencils, pens, and highlighters on my desk to spell it out.

Audio Create 2: As far as the audio daily create, I used an everyday thing as a musical instrument.  I utilized my mouth and the sounds I could make to attempt beat boxing.  It was fun and I felt kind of silly doing it and listening to it.  I’m not much of a musician nor do I have much musical talent, but I think it came out well.  I didn’t wanna do too much production and alteration to it, I wanted it to sound a pure and live as possible.

Vox Pop:

Vox Pop Project 

The Vox Pop was fun and interesting.  It was cool doing the interviews, getting the audio, and then producing the final product.  It was the first time I really played around with some of the tools in Audacity and I really saw some the possibilities when it comes to my future audio productions.

Lastly, I came up with my idea for the class radio show.  The theme is “Dating” and I plan on doing something surrounding the “long distance relationships” that two of my roommates have.



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