Weekly Summary

I’m very excited for the Audio Section to begin.  I was really into the video segment of the course, but hopefully this will be just as fun.  Not too much to report today as it was mostly a transitional week moving from video to audio.

I did two daily creates, one audio and one picture one from the tdc website.

Daily Create – Feb. 21st was a nostalgic picture of myself riding a camel when I traveled to Israel a few summers ago.

Audio Daily Create – Feb. 22nd was an audio daily create I put together. I recorded myself making breakfast and used Audacity to trim the clip and make it flow better.  Thought it came out pretty well for the first one.

I also enjoyed the readings for Monday, even though they were a little bit long. I responded to Susan Douglas’ article entitled “Listening In” here…Response – “Listening In”.  I thought the article was interesting and it made be think about what radio was, is, and will become, that is if it is even able to last into the future.  I took some time to think and write about how I utilize radio and audio in my everyday life, and it truly bewildered me that I really don’t listen to much radio.  Audio is usually music while I walk to class, workout or do homework. Most other audio comes with video when I watch television or video clips online.  There isn’t much time where I solely listen to other people talk, so hopefully this section of the course will change that.


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