3rd Video: Jaws Trailer

I began my third and final video with the idea of taking an iconic scene and using effects and modifications to make it something new.  The idea was to go along the lines of the Star Wars silent movie scene we saw at the beginning of the video section.  The first scene that popped into my head was the “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” scene from Jaws.  I took to Youtube to find the clip, which I did, but after watching it, I knew that the lack of spoken words throughout the scene would make it very difficult so I changed up my plan.  The original scene I found on Youtube was courtesy of Movieclips.com and I realized that they had 10 lenghty clips from the entire Jaws movie.  I decided I wanted to use a bunch of these clips to make my own attempt at creating a trailer.

First I used keepvid.com to export the separate clips and saved them on my computer.  Thankfully the videos were in 720p so the quality is pretty good given the original movie was released in 1975.  I then imported all of the clips into iMovie and began working on putting the pieces together.  I knew I needed a lot of small clips that contained things like people swimming in the ocean, people on the beach, the shark swimming in the water and people panicing in order to set the storyline.  The hard part was finding all these clip segments in the various videos I downloaded.  I went through all the clips taking the segments I knew I would need but not in order.  I figured once I had all the clips in the storyboard I could rearrange everything to my liking.

I knew I needed to begin the trailer with people swimming in the ocean, legs dangling in the water and shots like that from the point of view of a craeture swimming in the ocean.  I threw some clips of the great white shark to set the scene.  The movie is mostly about a man trying to capture and kill the beastly shark so I used a segement of words to transition from a beach scene of a boy dying to a scene on the search boat.

I knew that using the infamous Jaws theme song would signal the movie that the trailer was for. I also incorporated the poster for the movie at the end.  I also overlaid slogans and taglines from the original movie throughout the trailer. Enjoy!


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