Weekly Summary

CC Flickr User jsawkins

CC Flickr User jsawkins

Can’t believe the video segment of the class is coming to a close.  I really enjoyed using video and iMovie to come up new ideas, stories and recreations. I had a lot of fun with creating a class video this last week.  I think it was cool to go from brainstorming, to concept, to storyline and finally to shooting and putting all the pieces together.

This week I did two video daily creates and a picture daily create.

The first was a video about my first day of school memory:  Daily Create – Feb 12th

I did a picture daily create about something new, in which I took a picture of my new maize and blue workout shoes: Daily Create – Feb. 13th

And for the last video daily create ever, I talked about something cool and new that I learned to do with video: Last Video Daily Create

I really enjoyed watching the “Everything is a Remix” videos and even showed my roommates two of the episodes that they also found really interesting! Can’t wait to wrap things up this week and move on to a new chapter in the class!


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