Video 2: My Very Own Numa Numa Video

At the beginning of the video section, one of the first articles we read was Douglas Wolk’s The Syncher, Not the Song.  The article outlined the history of the viral video of the Numa Numa dance video.  It covered history of the song “Dragostea din Tei” by the Moldovan-Romanian boy band O-Zone.  The song had a unique history in the music industry and the article also told how the video helped sparked world renowned fame.  It outlined the worldwide popularity and the inevitable downfall of the song when an english version was created in order to capture the newfound American market that loved the viral video so much. The video itself is one of the most recognizable and well know internet videos ever created. Made by Gary Brolsma back in 2004, it was a hit all over the internet and all over the world.  Many recreations have been made by thousands of fans, ranging from little kids to pet cats.  Having read the article and previously watched the video dozens of times, I was inspired.  At the beginning of the video section I had scrolled through the DS106 assignment bank and came across an assignment to create “Your Own Numa Numa Video” and saw only one person had done it.  The girl that did it had a pretty good rendition and I figured I would join her and embarrass myself by making my own Numa Numa video.

Having heard the song before and actually owning it on iTunes as well, I had a good background of the lyrics.  The first thing I did was watch Gary Brolsma’s original Numa Numa video.  By watching it several times I was able to get a good idea of all the movements and dance moves he made during the entire song. This ranged from the fist pumping he did during the chorus to the little hand motions he made while lip synching the different verses of the song.

Once I felt I had memorized the movements and words, I began to film.  I used the capture feature in iMovie to record myself using my computer’s built in iSight webcam.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 2.11.26 PM

Depiction of iMovie capture feature.

I wanted to make it authentic so I also donned a bare of headphones like the original video.  Sporting my Beats and a cool bare of light up glasses that I had received at a Michigan Basketball game, I played the song through iTunes and was able to lip synch along while the video recorded my movements.  This would help later on when I went to sync the video and lyrics.  I would say it took 4 or 5 takes to finally get a version I was satisfied with. Once I had a good video recording, I wanted to play around with the visual effects features that iMovie has.  I used the Sepia video effect to make the clip look a little different.  After the clip was all set, I was able to add the O-Zone song “Dragostea din Tei” to the clip and sync my lip synch with the words in the song with relative ease.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 2.16.31 PM

I am pretty proud of my Numa Numa video.  After doing it, I really don’t know what originally motivated Gary Brolsma to create such a funny, odd and tacky “dance” video for the song but I enjoyed recreating it in my own way. Since I posted it on my Youtube account a while ago, I have several friends watch it and laugh and enjoy.  Lots of people thought it was great but also I was crazy for doing it and embarrassing myself.  I’m proud of myself that I was willing to go outside my comfort zone a bit and do something a little crazy like this but it was so much fun!


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