Weekly Summary – February 10th


CC Mike Licht

This week we read some very interesting articles relating to movies, television, and the artistic and creative approaches to film and video.  I responded to Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie and Kelefa Sanneh’s The Reality Principle.  I really enjoyed Kelefa Sanneh’s article because it really made me think about reality television and how it has truly taken over today’s viewing audience. I am not the biggest fan of reality tv, but there are shows I do enjoy watching that are supposed to be “unscripted”.  Me and few other students had a great in class discussion about the article and what we think reality television is and why people are so captivated by it.  Hopefully a true definition of reality tv is created so we can have a standard to judge by.

Even though we read the article last week, we also explored the idea of “Camp”, which at first I was very confused about.  However, with the help of other blog posts and a great in class discussion about the meaning of “Camp”, I came away with a better understanding of the term and its relation to video.

I also did the 3 video daily creates for this week.

My Favorite Word in Another Language: Daily Create – Feb. 9th

Rating My Day: Daily Create – February 7th

A Favorite Joke: Daily Create – February 6th

I am really enjoying the video section and being able to utilize and play around with iMovie while creating the Daily Creates and while working on my larger videos.  I am off to go do some work on one of my longer videos; I think it will be a music video of sorts.


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