Response – How to Read a Movie

Famous movie critic Roger Ebert presented a interesting and thought provoking idea about movies and screen in his article “How to Read a Movie“.  When watching movies, I had never thought much about the physical locations of characters on the screen in terms of their stance in relation to others.  With that said, when watching a movie while its playing or while pausing and analyzing a still frame, the location on the physical screen definitely does play a role in how you interpret the actions and presence of each person.  The whole idea of being positive or negative, strong or weak, dominant or unfavorable truly does exist just by the location on the screen.  I think a lot of people have lost sight of this idea because of the evolution that cinema has taken.  Many movies now depend on amazing visual effects, CGI graphics, 3 Dimensional displays, and enhanced viewing experiences that take away from the importance of characters setting up a scene.  

I also really liked this idea of “Cinema Interruptus” and I think it would be neat to, as a class, analyze still shots from movies, looking for the physical locations of character on the screen and how it ties to their roles in the movie.


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