Response – The Reality Principle


CC Eva Rinaldi

Kelefa Sanneh’s article about reality television entitled The Reality Prinicple was really fascinating and eye opening.  After reading the article, I took a moment to think about the enormous amount of reality tv that dominates today’s airwaves.  A reality television show can be found at anytime time of the day on a variety of different networks and covering a multitiude of different topics and genres.  It is truly incredible and a bit rediculous how emcompassed today’s society has become with reality television.  There are even shows I would have never thought of as “reality” that actually would be placed into that category.  Game shows and talk shows would be two specific types that many people would categorize as reality television. I had never thought about it until reading this article, but one of my favorite day time shows, The Price is Right, does fit the reality tv model.

I personally enjoy scripted television more than reality tv, but obviously that is not true of the rest of the country.  Primetime television is full of reality shows, ranging from American Idol, The Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent, just to name a few.  As the article stated, it seems as though MTV has become King of the reality television genre.  The network once again became a household name with their captivating show The Jersey Shore.    Being a New Jersey native, I originally refused to watch the show.  Having heard the embarrasment that the people on the show did to my home state was somethingn that led me not to want to give MTV my viewership. However, as time passed and I heard how hilarious and good teh show was, I flipped and began to consistantly watch the show.  I did enjoy watching the drama, comedy, and stupidity of the Jersey Shore reality, but gave up in the last season becaise I had had enough of it.  This was one of the few experieinces I have had consistantly watching a reality tv show. I don’t spend my weeknights waiting to watch new episodes of The Bachelor or American Idol, in fact I hate most reality shows, but the movement to “Reality” TV is in full force and I don’t think it will be slowing down anytime soon.


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