Weekly Review – February 3rd


PSY became a hit with his Viral Music Video for Gangnam Style. CC Jordi Sanchez Teruel

This week was a lot of fun because we began the video section of the course.  I have really enjoyed fooling around in iMovie and this gives me a great opportunity to create some unique, fun and creative videos.  I really embraced the video course and have already began to think through some ideas for my long videos as well as make some short, creative videos in iMovie for the daily creates.

The Daily Creates I did this week were all the video ones that we had the option of doing.

  1. Video Daily Create – January 29th :  A Tongue Twister
  2. Video Daily Create – January 31st : Breaking News
  3. Video Daily Create – February 2nd : An Object in Motion

We also read some interesting articles about viral videos and the idea of “Camp” that was presented by Susan Sontag.  Douglas Wolk’s article The Syncher, Not the Song offered a unique perspective on lip synching videos in today’s virtual world.  He specifically focused on the Numa Numa video and the results and consequences of its popularity.  I outlined my thoughts of the article in my Response.

Following reading the article about the original Numa Numa Dance and considering we are in the video section of the course, I took it upon myself to attempt to become a viral sensation just like the thousands of other people that have replicated the video.  Here is my version of the Numa Numa Dance.


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