Weekly Summary


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I will be leaving the country bright and early tomorrow morning for Spring Break.  Headed down to the Dominican Republic to stay for a week in Punta Cana. I’m pretty excited after a long week of 3 exams and lots of work.  Had to do my weekly review a little earlier than Sunday since I won’t have access to the Internet (OH NO!!)

This week was a great full first week of Audio. I think we all realized how little we embrace and listen to radio.  Furthermore, I’m not sure if we all have a common, overarching definition of what radio is.  I enjoyed listening to radio shows.  Radiolab: “Deception” and This American Life: “Valentine’s Day 2013″ were very enjoyable and were the first radio shows/podcasts I have listened to in quite some time.  My thoughts on the Radiolab piece can be found here Deception – Response.

Daily Creates:

Daily Create – Feb. 26th: I did a fun one spelling the word “Create” in a unique way.  I used pencils, pens, and highlighters on my desk to spell it out.

Audio Create 2: As far as the audio daily create, I used an everyday thing as a musical instrument.  I utilized my mouth and the sounds I could make to attempt beat boxing.  It was fun and I felt kind of silly doing it and listening to it.  I’m not much of a musician nor do I have much musical talent, but I think it came out well.  I didn’t wanna do too much production and alteration to it, I wanted it to sound a pure and live as possible.

Vox Pop:

Vox Pop Project 

The Vox Pop was fun and interesting.  It was cool doing the interviews, getting the audio, and then producing the final product.  It was the first time I really played around with some of the tools in Audacity and I really saw some the possibilities when it comes to my future audio productions.

Lastly, I came up with my idea for the class radio show.  The theme is “Dating” and I plan on doing something surrounding the “long distance relationships” that two of my roommates have.



Radio Show Idea

At first I wasn’t too thrilled with the “Dating” theme that we cam up.  Being in a relationship myself, I know my girlfriend, nor I for that matter, would not be too happy with me talking about our relationship.  But I got thinking, there is so much more to talk about.  I have been living with 3 of the same roommates for the past 3 years here at Michigan.  We have gotten pretty close and know each other well.  2 of these roommates have been in relationships this entire time, specifically they have been since high school.  Both of them are in “long distance relationships”, their girlfriends go to other Universities that are not very close. My idea for my segment of the radio show is to examine the idea of a “long distance relationship” and how my roommates have dealt with the situation.  I will even try to get their input about the subject, which might be a difficult task.

Some of the topics I plan to cover:

  • Defining a “long distance relationship”
  • My roommates’ experiences in these relationships
  • My outside perspective of my roommates’ relationships

I’m sure I will have some more ideas I can cover as I continue to plan it out.


Deception – Response


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I found the introduction to the podcast rather interesting and odd, the whole thing with the snake at first made no sense, but I did figure it out.  The snake was acting “dead” just like people are taught when they face dangerous animals.  I thought the transition was also weird, but it kept me wondering and wanting to listen.  I was like why start with a snake story and then suddenly be in an airport.  The ideas of facial features explaining people’s feelings and emotion is something I knew, but I didn’t realize looking at specific things like lips and eyebrows could be telling points.  I have always found lying to be something that is innate in human beings.  I have always been terrible at lying.  I am a pretty honest person, I used to never be able to lie to anybody about anything.  There was one time that I was wayyy to honest about something and it came back to bite me.  From then on, I began telling little, white lies.  Nothing too over the top, nothing that would be obvious and nothing that would cause harm.  From the on, I realized deception isn’t as hard as I thought, and it could be helpful to get me out of certain situations.

Anyway, getting back to the podcast and the actual audio recording.  I thought the things that made audio interesting and wanting me to continue to listen was the sound effects and the interesting questions.  Mr. Eckman was a pretty monotone, dull sounding interviewee, so they did a good job tying in several other sounds to keep my ears perked.  The story about “Hope” was great.  The way they used different people’s voices and sides of the story tied together was awesome.

Weekly Summary

I’m very excited for the Audio Section to begin.  I was really into the video segment of the course, but hopefully this will be just as fun.  Not too much to report today as it was mostly a transitional week moving from video to audio.

I did two daily creates, one audio and one picture one from the tdc website.

Daily Create – Feb. 21st was a nostalgic picture of myself riding a camel when I traveled to Israel a few summers ago.

Audio Daily Create – Feb. 22nd was an audio daily create I put together. I recorded myself making breakfast and used Audacity to trim the clip and make it flow better.  Thought it came out pretty well for the first one.

I also enjoyed the readings for Monday, even though they were a little bit long. I responded to Susan Douglas’ article entitled “Listening In” here…Response – “Listening In”.  I thought the article was interesting and it made be think about what radio was, is, and will become, that is if it is even able to last into the future.  I took some time to think and write about how I utilize radio and audio in my everyday life, and it truly bewildered me that I really don’t listen to much radio.  Audio is usually music while I walk to class, workout or do homework. Most other audio comes with video when I watch television or video clips online.  There isn’t much time where I solely listen to other people talk, so hopefully this section of the course will change that.