Weekly Summary

Sorry for getting this up a little late but here is a summary of what I did last week.  The daily creates were fun this week and involved FOOD, so I enjoyed participating in both.  The first was a picture that described my favorite breakfast drink, chocolate milk.  Then, after preparing a nice omelette for breakfast on Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised that the daily create involved detailing the breakfast that you had made that morning.  I offered my rendition of my morning specialty for all to read and salivate over.

I also read some very interesting, engaging and thought provoking articles.  As social media becomes more and more of a tool and resources for information and communication, companies and executives must begin to embrace and utilize social media.  I found “What’s Your Social Media Strategy” straightforward but too simple for my pallatte, since it seemed more geared to older, business personas who have little experience in social media.  I expressed my ideas here.  Finally, I monitored the Michigan Radio website and read and listened to the articles and podcasts that this NPR affiliate site creates on a daily basis.  The structure and format of the site is very easy to use and provides a in depth resource for obtaining good, local news about Michigan.  

I am really looking forward to the upcoming video unit. I can’t wait to create some awesome films and videos!!


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