Weekly Summary

The first few weeks of this course have been great so far and I am really excited about the direction of this course.  Creating my own blog, utilizing websites such as twitter, youtube, soundcloud and other social meda sites have all been successful so far.  I have learned a great deal so far, about such things as Web 2.0, creating and reading content on the Internet, and how regulation, piracy and downloading have become controversial topics about today’s technologically advanced society.

I have read and watched some interesting and thought provoking articles and videos.  I wrote responses to articles about Web 2.0 and Larry Lessig’s TED Talk video about the current state of the Internet and the problems of current regulation and law that need to change with the evolution of technology.  I also watched some videos by professor Michael Wesch.  I responded to one about his take on student interaction with the Internet in and out of the classroom.

We have also begun interacting with The Daily Create website and participating in soe of the daily assignments.  I did the projects on January 14th, 16th and 19th. I also created a Youtube video introducing myself to the class. 


One thought on “Weekly Summary

  1. Hey Brett, solid post. Make sure that you are linking to the posts in your blog that you refer to (daily create, homework responses, etc.).

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