Video Section Goals

I have used iMovie a few times before mainly for school projects and small videos, but I really want to be able to utilize all of the tools in the program to make unique, interesting, funny and enjoyable videos and movies to share.  I want to be able to format videos with cool effects and learn to utilize new tools in making videos.  I want to move beyond just being able to piece together different video clips and adding some text & transitions.  I want to spark some new creativity, invent cool stories and ideas while being able to share them with others.  With the new rise in social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, I have found myself taking more photos and videos to share on these sites so hopefully I can segway this new found artisitc side to the video portion of this class.

Weekly Summary

Sorry for getting this up a little late but here is a summary of what I did last week.  The daily creates were fun this week and involved FOOD, so I enjoyed participating in both.  The first was a picture that described my favorite breakfast drink, chocolate milk.  Then, after preparing a nice omelette for breakfast on Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised that the daily create involved detailing the breakfast that you had made that morning.  I offered my rendition of my morning specialty for all to read and salivate over.

I also read some very interesting, engaging and thought provoking articles.  As social media becomes more and more of a tool and resources for information and communication, companies and executives must begin to embrace and utilize social media.  I found “What’s Your Social Media Strategy” straightforward but too simple for my pallatte, since it seemed more geared to older, business personas who have little experience in social media.  I expressed my ideas here.  Finally, I monitored the Michigan Radio website and read and listened to the articles and podcasts that this NPR affiliate site creates on a daily basis.  The structure and format of the site is very easy to use and provides a in depth resource for obtaining good, local news about Michigan.  

I am really looking forward to the upcoming video unit. I can’t wait to create some awesome films and videos!!

Daily Create – January 27th

My Breakfast Special:

Today’s special is an exquisite omelette made with perfectly sautéed onions, fresh picked mushrooms, and vine ripened tomatoes.  It is served with freshly cut pineapple and a side of homemade wholegrain raisin bread.  A side a freshly squeezed strawberry, banana, orange juice and a glass of chocolate milk. Made with all natural, freshly picked, local ingredients. Enjoy!

Michigan Radio

The Michigan Radio site is very cool and its functionality is excellent for Michigan residents.  Its a fantastic news and information source in a simple, easy to understand format.  It has so news articles and voice commentary that make it accessible to anyone, no matter their choice of reading or listening.  The best part seems to be that it is a full time radio station across the state of Michigan, yet anything that someone misses live on air or if someone wants more information can be found online.  Those who report the stories choose topics that affect the lives of Michigan citizens.  Many of the stories have an emotional element that truly ties the listener/reader to the topic of the conversation.  As a public radio station, the primary goal of Michigan Radio is public service and delivering “news stories that affect our lives as citizens of Michigan, and helping our listeners better understand their state, nation and world” according to its website.  I found it really cool that Michigan Radio was founded and is still financially supported by the University of Michigan.  Its also interesting that it is an NPR affiliate, which helps give them a trustworthy and reliable reputation.